Woo Hoo! My 1st fan!!

Its happened (it was inevitable…) I have my 1st fan, it is Mr Raoul Duke from Facebook. Read my whole book, loved it I gather.

The great thing is humans are like dominoes, one falls they all fall. (Cue evil laugh)

10,000 words into my new novel, it focusses on the illuminati from modern mythology and interweaves them with real world issues like disparity in wealth and psychotic corporations. plus you know crazy nonsense, fight scenes and drug use. Its turning out quite epic.


Where are you?

Its slightly depressing.

My baby is published, I knew it was an ugly baby but its reception is still depressing.

In three weeks of sale zero people have bought my book. This is fine, I have a long term strategy.

But what I want to know is, Where are you? Where are the cool people that think drug use is cool? Where are the people that like ridiculously immature humour and unnecessary violence??

There used to be loads of them when I was younger…..

Maybe they don’t read Ebooks. Maybe they just haven’t found me yet, I know THEY would love my baby.

If only they could meet my baby. I will look for them, in the darkest corners of the web, I will spam like a mad bastard unheeding of internet conventions, they’ll forgive me, when they see my baby….

Exciting times.

I recently started a cover competition for The Unusual Thief on 99 designs. Initially I was sceptical that anything would come of it but now I am seeing some really cool designs that fire my imagination. Its ended up being a cool process which has stimulated my creativity and enthusiasm for The Unusual Thief as an ongoing project…..


How my Ache looks.

So probably my favourite character in The Unusual Thief is Ache. Drawing a lot of real world values from the actual Ache he is a lot of fun to write, he is an excellent counterpart to Stead’s aggression and exactitude. So with this in mind I got QimaWorks (deviantart.com) to draw me a Anime version of Ache. Important features are the blue and white shirt which was in reality a sweat soaked clubbing garment. Worthy of mention is his toolbelt because in the book as in reality I saw Ache has a handy grease monkey, jury rigging the crap out of some technical machinery just in the nick of time. So anyway here is the pic, Ache, 1st mate of the pirate ship Satan. ache


We are all on our own little island, these islands can be within shouting distance of each other though. I just communicated in words my ideas as to how Stead (the character) should look. This artist, an artist in the visual style shall turn my words into images in the privacy of his own island. Then he’ll stick that image into a bottle and it shall float the currents of the internet and make a landing on the beach of my mind.

Then I will post it and Stead the psychotic cyborg shall be a little more real, as every person who views him will entertain an aspect of him on their own private little island.

I like people drawing my stuff, it makes me feel like I’m serving my primary function, creation.

More words soon.

Enter Chapter 2……..

Well here it is the 2nd and some would say best chapter of The Unusual Thief.

My favourite is the underwater scene full of tension and mood.

I’ve rejigged (technical term) chapter 2, to make it funnier and weirder. Plus I changed all the little ‘ to ” that was really boring.

Any ideas to promote The Unusual Thief I will gladly accept in the comments, apart from joining dodgy facebook groups to spam links (I’ve already done that).

Also I need some artwork, I was thinking character sketches. These guys are so vivid in my mind…….I’m sure that if they were trapped on paper they would cease to torment my mind. I might approach some of my fellow deviants on deviant art, see if they can fulfil my needs.

Now I’m going to find out how twitter works, so I can continue my glorious works (spamming links to my blog).

If its sideways rock it.

An important milestone.

has been reached. 25/04/15 @ 04.00 am GMT someone read the 1st chapter of the Unusual Thief!!! I was very pleased and amused, because as mentioned before I was paranoid about the content of the unusual thief. So this erudite individual read my 1st chapter and SPECIFICALLY mentioned the most embarrassing, deviant bit of prose I have ever wrote. My paranoia bubble went POP and now I am renewed….. The individual in question was Blu3Ice on deviantart.com, all my thanks extend in that exact direction. Cheers mate.

To experience this epic moment follow da link : http://industrious-bug.deviantart.com/art/THE-UNUSUAL-THIEF-528762921#comments

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